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Professional comprehensive counseling and therapy.

We deal with relationships, substance abuse, trauma and mental health issues.

We are located in Bangkok Thailand.

At Bangkok Counseling we understand that from time to time people need help dealing with emotional issues or personal problems. Many choose to talk to professional mental health care providers because they have received specialized training and understand how to deal with emotional issues and provide the proper guidance to get back to a normal lifestyle. Bangkok counseling provides focused counseling and therapy directed at the specific issues a person may have. For an expatriate living in Bangkok far from the place they first called home, finding professional help that can relate to Asian and non Asian cultures can be difficult. Bangkok Counseling looks to fill that need.

Before you decide on a mental heath provider, please read this page to understand the differences between the different types of professionals and the various symptoms of mental health issues.

Bangkok Counseling uses NLP when appropriate to accelerate therapy. By accelerating therapy the end result is reduced overall out of pocket costs as well as returning back you usual self much sooner. NLP is a proven method and has been in effective use for over 30 years. When money is tight this will help keep you from breaking the bank.

Bangkok Counseling also looks to address the cause and not the effect. By properly addressing the cause and resolving it, very simply the effect will cease. Not every professional mental health care provider takes this approach and many just deal with the effect. That ultimately can lead to longer than necessary counseling and therapy. Our goal is to get you back up and running as fast as possible. Medications only address the effect and that leads to an endless cycle of visits to the pharmacy and continued undesirable side effect of the medication.


Seeking the assistance of a mental health provider helps provide added clarity when it is needed most. Understanding the need to resolve an issue and not cover it up with medication is the goal of many providers. Bangkok Counseling looks to help you find and use your inner resources.




Medication is over prescribed and often prescribed for people that do not need it. Medication was primarily only meant to be for short term therapy and not long term. Cognitive therapy including NLP has been proven to be equally effective in resolving issues and provide the mental tools to better manage the situation should it happen again.





Whatever the reason there are now mental health choices in Bangkok Thailand geared for non Asian cultures that can provide cognitive therapy and counseling. There is no need to be alone any more.



If you are a person looking to improve your professional Career and options in a difficult job market, or just looking to do better, please follow this link.

Counseling available with Skype

We are the original Bangkok Counseling and opened March 2005.

Other sites have copied our name and are not affiliated with us.

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